In Honor Of / In Memory Of

In Memory of those we have loved,


In honor of our loved ones today, and


In hope for those we will love in years to come!

Throughout the year, Angel On My Shoulder receives meaningful donations in memory of loved ones who have gone before us or in honor of loved ones today. Each and every one of these special tributes honoring and remembering loved ones is warmly received and greatly appreciated.



  • Dick Rose
  • Bruce Krier
  • Kealie Bielke
  • Donna Chaltry
  • Marianne Deede
  • Avin Domnitz
  • Hy Domnitz
  • Kent Elliott
  • Paul Fish
  • Ed Gajewski
  • Thomas Jacobson
  • Elisabeth Johnson
  • Jeanette Judd
  • Lorraine Justman
  • Milton Justman
  • Jack Kalies
  • Jeffrey Kane
  • Larry Kane
  • Shirley Kane
  • Sharon Kauth
  • Fran Fish Kelly
  • Irene Kenney
  • Edward Kieffer
  • Gladyce Kieffer
  • Rheina Klein
  • Cheryl Lynn Krauss
  • Rose Lakata
  • Rob Lemmer
  • Matt Lewis
  • Paul Lofy
  • John Mathie
  • Mike Pietila
  • Don Rassel
  • Kenneth Resch
  • Sharon Lee Rodewald
  • Lois Rogacki
  • Claude Rose
  • Ruth Rose
  • Caden Safer
  • Marie School
  • Kevin Schreiber
  • Joan Schumacher
  • Fanny Sommerfeld
  • Dan Staffeldt
  • Donna Swanke
  • Angela EllerWeiss
  • Cheryl Witter



  • Sonja Bowers

“What we once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose. For all that we loved deeply becomes part of us.” – Helen Keller

In Honor Of:


  • Ted Atkinson
  • Jan Beihoff   
  • Anita Domnitz
  • Dr. Kimberly Odekirk


  • Anita Domitz

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