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Furthering the well-being of those affected by cancer through empowerment, enhancement of their quality of life, and the creation of hope for the future. Helping to provide a life of rich quality and endless possibility. Generating awareness of the plight of those affected by cancer through advocacy.

Our Camps and Retreats

A Message From Founder/Executive Director, Lolly Rose

Angels Danced the Day We Were Born!

Angel on My Shoulder turns “Twenty Four” on February 21, 2019.

I am so proud of Angel and how its wing span has grown throughout these twenty-three remarkable years of touching hearts and lives in positive and profound ways.

It is a great personal honor and joy to know that Angel On My Shoulder has become, and continues to be, a blessing through its many programs and services to those navigating the emotional and stressful world of cancer.

We each possess the power to give of ourselves. Cancer has a face. In its world it is easy to get lost in the numbers. Although there are many people living with the same cancer, no one lives it in the same way. We try to embrace each individual’s needs . . . personally, uplifting and with genuine passion and compassion.

Our Board of Directors reviews and gives in-depth consideration of all of our program offerings annually to effectively address the unique needs of the cancer affected community in the most impactful and meaningful ways.  Decisions are carefully made with the focus on providing and maintaining quality cancer support programs that bring light, peace and hope to those living with or affected by cancer.

In that spirit and to ensure AOMS continues to be everything it was meant to be and more, we proudly announce and celebrate, along with each of you, the newly redesigned Angel On My Shoulder slate of program offerings and positive changes.


CAMP ANGEL: Summer & Winter Sessions

These camps for children affected by cancer through a loved one (sibling, parent, grandparent) or who have experienced the loss of a loved one through cancer will now be open to kids ages 7-14.

CAMP HOZHONI: Summer & Winter Sessions

These camps will continue as they are for children living with cancer ages 18 and under AND their families.


These retreats are for cancer survivors.


This program focuses on Gift Package Preparation and Delivery to Pediatric Cancer Units in Wisconsin Hospitals


We fondly say goodbye and thank you to the following camps, retreats and programs which have provided so much to so many over the years.


I invite you to learn more about AOMS, our programs, services and events by visiting our website or contacting us at 800-860-3431 (toll free) or via email at info@angelonmyshoulder.org or mail: Angel On My Shoulder  PO Box747, St. Germain, WI 54558.

May the future bring you peace, hope, faith, love and rainbows to follow the clouds.

Take Care and God Bless,

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

–  Eleanor Roosevelt

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In Honor / Loving Memory Of

Throughout the year, Angel On My Shoulder receives meaningful donations in memory of loved ones who have gone before us or in honor of loved ones today. Each and every one of these special tributes honoring and remembering loved ones is warmly received and greatly appreciated.


Rooted In Personal Experience

Lolly Rose

I created Angel On My Shoulder in 1995 following the heavenly transition of my husband Dick Rose after his courageous battle with cancer.  Simply stated, I wanted to make something good out of something so bad.

It was my hope to create a foundation that would improve the quality of life of those living with or affected by cancer in positive and profound ways.  Nearly twenty-five years into our mission, I am pleased to say that with the efforts and commitment of so many wonderful volunteers, board members, camp counselors and directors, retreat facilitators and of course those we serve, Angel has meet that goal.

We offer 6 different camps, some in the winter and others in the summer (and a couple in both seasons!), and 2 unique retreats which focus on caregivers and survivors.  What’s special to the core of who we are is that we offer these experiences at no cost to the participants thanks to generous donations from our benefactors.   We also focus on the total experience of those living with cancer.  From my own life, I quickly realized that family members also undergo extremely difficult and emotionally challenging journeys alongside their loved ones who are living with cancer.  Each family member faces cancer in their own personal way.  Children are especially vulnerable. Navigating the cancer journey unavoidably can and does become a stressful experience that greatly impacts and disrupts their young lives.  Caregivers have needs and need nourishment just as those living with cancer do.  We are there to offer respite to all.

It is MY hope that when thinking of Angel On My Shoulder, this thought will come to mind….Heaven sends helping hands and caring hearts JUST when we need them most.

In that spirit, the hundreds of volunteers, board members, counselors, campers and supporters… thank YOU for YOUR support and we invite you to “discover” more about our foundation on this website, by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.  Angel On My Shoulder commits to bringing light, peace, hope and healing to those living with or affected by cancer.

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