While most cancer-oriented charities focus primarily on the patient and their specific needs, Angel On My Shoulder is unique in its mission to provide cost-free relief and support for individuals and caregivers affected by a loved one’s illness. Family members and caregivers are often overlooked because the patient’s needs are so great; however, Angel On My Shoulder was founded on the belief that individuals alone don’t get cancer, but entire families do. Our aim is to bring relief to family members and caregivers dealing with the challenges of their loved one’s disease.

We provide this care and support in a number of ways: for kids ages 7-18 who have a parent, grandparent or sibling with cancer, we offer wonderful weekend camps that help them unwind, destress and meet other kids going through the same experience. We also offer a camp for families with a child 18 or younger who suffers from cancer. Then, we host two different weekend retreats: one for cancer caregivers to give them the chance to replenish and revive themselves; the other for cancer survivors to enjoy a safe and nurturing environment for them to continue their healing process. All of these programs are absolutely COST-FREE.