25 Remarkable Years!
A Quarter of a Century!
9,125 Wonderful Days!

That is how long Angel On My Shoulder has provided emotional assistance and support to those living with cancer through themselves or those who surround them.For the hundreds of volunteers, dozens of board members and all those who contributed through their donations and opened their hearts, lives and schedules over those years, we thought it would be fun to create videos which tell the story of just how many lives have felt the gentle touch of Angel’s wings and have been affected in most positive and profound ways. THANKS to you all!Check out this video series here.  The spotlight shines on our camps, retreats, fundraising through our B. Bruce Krier Angel Golf Spectacular and the Polar Plunge, our phenomenal Angel Wings program and so much more.We absolutely could not have done it without each of you. Truly, we are all “Angel Family”!  Like any family, at times some of us do the lifting; other times, we are the ones needing to be lifted.In that spirit, it is our honor and joy to proudly present these stories as together we celebrate the twenty-five years that Angel On My Shoulder touched so many lives as we move forward into our next set of years with our new programs, Angel Wings: Embrace and Enhance.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.  Mother Teresa


From camps to retreats and all types of programs in between, Angel On My Shoulder has been there for thousands of children and families for 25 years.


Countless camps for kids of all ages and families living with cancer on all levels provided memories of a lifetime for hundreds of people.  Here is that story.


Angel Care and Healing Angels were created for both caretakers and survivors because we are all in this together.  Hear the story.


In June of  2020, Angel On My Shoulder was set to celebrate its 24th Annual B. Bruce Krier Angel Golf Spectacular, then the world took a turn.  We celebrate the namesake of the event and share great remembrances in this look back at this celebratory event that made a difference in so many lives.

Polar Plunge

Raising over a half million dollars over its twenty year span, the Polar Bear Plunge has become a winter institution in Northern Wisconsin.  And this is just one of the many milestones this event has celebrated.


After 25 years, Angel On My Shoulder is returns to its roots . . .touching hearts and lives of those living with or affected by cancer in most positive and profound ways through our phenomenal Angel Wings program.