Lighthouse Family Retreat — Angel Enhance


Angel Wings Enhance granted “enhanced” support to the wonderful Won Family (Mike, Anne, Ella Joy & Asaph) to help make their Lighthouse Family Retreat mission, created to strengthen families living through childhood cancer, a reality.


“We are extremely thankful for the privilege to serve a family with a child recently battling cancer. We had been praying every day for the family even before we met them. We called it Christmas Day because it was so exciting to finally get to meet them.


One night we celebrated unbirthday because many cancer kids do not get to celebrate their birthdays because they are getting Chemo treatment in the hospital. We ate pizza, ice cream, danced and played games. We watched the kids as the retreat family parents went out to dinner for a “date night” and also when the Mom’s went out for a special lunch. We got an opportunity to have a night of praise on the beach with the retreat families which was truly a blessing and special. We had a special dinner on the beach the last night.


It was a privilege to get to serve this family. We made hope jars full of encouraging messages and Bible verses for each family member. We will continue praying for our retreat family, it is about our hearts really wanting to serve and love them. Thank you for this opportunity to allow us to serve this family!” ~Anne Won