Rubber Duck “Give Back” Mission — Angel Enhance



Angel Wings granted “Enhanced” support to the Bordignon Family to fulfill their Rubber Duck “Give Back” Mission. We had received this request from a recipient of one of our AOMS ducks last summer that were caringly dropped from a bridge to those below by Board members and volunteers as an outreach mission to create awareness and support of Angel On My Shoulder. Angel Wings Enhance provided AOMS Rubber Ducks to this caring family so they could “give back” and honor their loved one in this very meaningful and special way.


Message from the DiFranco and Bordignon families:


“Last year, while vacationing in Minocqua, there was a family dropping down rubber ducks from the Bearskin Bridge. The ducks had “Angel On My Shoulder” printed on them. We too lost someone very special to cancer in 2020 and thought it would be great to do the same from the bridge when we go back to Minocqua this summer.


On Aug 1, 2021 the DiFranco and Bordignon families walked out to a bridge overlooking beautiful Lake Minocqua and dropped several rubber ducks into boats, spreading the message of “Angel on my Shoulder” charity.


We did this one year and two weeks after the loss of our dear brother, son, father, grandpa, husband and uncle, Dr. Charles DiFranco who passed away from complications from a brain tumor. Chuck was an incredible mentor to everyone, always giving of himself selflessly.


Chuck was a Periodontist who took incredible care of his patients for almost 40 years. He was married to Kim, father to three sons and grandfather to seven. He loved being on the water and would have loved seeing our family, all together sharing his memory on that bridge. We felt him in spirit for sure and it was a tremendous healing experience for the entire family.


A huge thank you to Nancy for helping us coordinate this day. We worked on it for a long time.


Love, The DiFranco and Bordignon families.”