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Angel Care 2017

Angel Care, is a very special “take-care-of-yourself” retreat for cancer caregivers. It creates well-being for those who do, or have, provided unwavering care for persons living with cancer so caregivers can thrive in their lives and work.

Angel Care Workshops bring these wonderful caregivers together and provide them with an emotional and spiritual opportunity to heal. Burnout and stress are sometimes confused with exhaustion, overload and grief. A vacation will only refresh a burned-out caregiver for a brief time, after which the feelings may set in again. Angel Care provides more than a quick fix.

Angel Care is held at the Wintergreen Hotel and Conference Center, Wisconsin Dells. Our facilitator is Anita Domnitz, RN, MS, ND

Complimentary lodging is provided Thursday and Friday. Lunch and Dinner are provided on Friday. Nutritious Breakfast for Caregivers is provided on Friday and Saturday. Beverages will be provided during the conference. One guest is welcome to share lodging, however, the Angel Care workshop is designed for caregiver participation only.

The actual session is 9-5 Friday and 9-12:30 on Saturday. Because of the early start on Friday morning, rooms at the Wintergreen Hotel are available on Thursday evening.

Participants of the February 23-25, 2017 AC Retreat named themselves “Soul Sunshine Survivors” and were group #31.
Back row L-R: Tiffany Urban, John Wagner, Sherry Abbott, Kathryn Simpson
Front row L-R: Jennifer Huelsman, Nita, Rosie Guel, Emilio Mendez

The Nov 16-18, 2017 particpants named themselves: “The Best Group Ever-Plugged & Unplugged” and were group 32.
Back row: Tiffany, Mary, Jim, Dawn, Deborah.
Front row: Cassandra, Sheena, Moi, KC.


Angel On My Shoulder – Testimonials


  • My daughters attended camp while I was in the midst of Chemo. It was an experience they still talk about with often.  It became a bright memory, rather than just another day that “Mom has cancer”. Thanks for taking the pressure off of them and us during that time.  – Tracy


  • My daughter attended camp and had an amazing time. Thank you for the BIG smile you have brought to her face. – Lynda


  • Thank you very much for making Camp Angel such a fun experience. I loved being in the water and the Pirate Ship and everything. Thank you to all the counselors for everything.  I love Camp Angel. I can’t wait until next year. – Michaela (Camper)


  • Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave our children. They had an amazing time at camp and met new friends that have been going through the same thing as them. Thank you for giving them a fun weekend away from their worries about their father’s cancer. We truly appreciate it.  – Mike and Jodi (parents)


  • To have your Camps available for kids is such a blessing. Our daughter enjoyed meeting new friends and having a fun time.  Memories that will last forever. Thank you. – Weslee


  • Ella said that camp was “awesome”. She said she would go again in a heartbeat. She mentioned that she met another girl whose mom was being treated for brain cancer and it was nice to talk to someone who new how she felt. We appreciate it.  Thanks. – Terry


  • What a wonderful camp for kids impacted by cancer . . . sometimes I don’t think that I even fully understand why my boys are thinking about Mom (me) having cancer, going through Chemo and having a bald head.  I know it’s hard at times when I just don’t have any energy to do much.  It was so nice for them to get out and have some fun.  – With gratitude, Darci


  • I attended Healing Angels with facilitated by Nancy and Tom Schuller.  It was a turning point for me.  I was the first of my friends to have cancer so no one knew how to “act” around me and many friendships distanced because of it.  I wanted to help others not to feel this same way.  Going to the Healing Angels retreat helped me realize that all the feelings I was having were normal.  Hearing this allowed me to gain back my sense of “being” and find an outlet to share information that is pertinent the survivor. – Tracy


  • I am humbled by and cannot begin to thank you for the Healing Angels experience. Nancy and her amazing team went out of their way to connect with each and every one of us to create an amazing wellness weekend that felt great and will always be remembered.  We found strength together. It helped pick up the pieces of your life and put them back together again with more confidence as you step back into everyday life after having faced a life-threatening experience.  Angel On My Shoulder offers a “gift” to all affected by cancer and serves as a valuable resource to those who have been diagnosed to put the pieces back together again. – Sandra
  • Healing Angels was truly a wonderful experience that I will always remember. The interaction, concerns, feelings and the emotions that were expressed made you feel good and not alone.  Thank you to Vicki Potrykus with her Yoga. It helped me find more ways to relax. – Lee
  • It was an absolutely lovely weekend. I gained valuable knowledge as I continue to heal. Lisa’s presentation on nutrition will be used daily and so very helpful as were Vicki’s Yoga sessions. Healing Angels was an absolute treat and I didn’t want to leave ever. – Denise


  • I felt very special, like it was for all of us.  It’s wonderful to meet so many different people with different stories but with hearts the same.  Our leaders: Karen, Kitty, and Vicki were great. – Donna
  • Healing Angels far exceeded my expectations. It opened a door into myself and  realize that I have never shared my story before. I realized that I have more emotional healing to do.  There was a solidarity and bonding I hadn’t known previously. It was so reassuring to share with others who “get it”- who understand the fatigue, the “chemo brain” and all that goes with it.  The past year has been exhausting physically, emotionally and financially. To receive a gift such as this retreat is beyond what I would have ever imagined. I am so very grateful to Angel On My Shoulder, your donors and sponsors.  From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU! – Robin


  • Oh my gosh! What a wonderful retreat – I felt like I was in Heaven with Angels.  So very much needed! Thank You! – Sherry


  • I am so blessed to have found Angel Care . . . it was an emotional roller coaster but I need to know that I wasn’t alone and others are or have been on this journey. Thank you. – Jenny
  • I needed the support and outlet of Angel Care to release my emotions and feelings to people that could relate to it.  I felt accepted, comfortable, loved and welcomed.  Anita Domnitz was amazing – I feel uplifted and not alone.  God Bless my Angels! – Emilio
  • The Angel Care retreat is exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Our facilitator, Anita, is beyond amazing and our group bonded quickly.  I am eternally grateful to Angel On My Shoulder and all you do. – Tiffany
  • Angel Care was very, very awesome.  I cannot explain how much I needed it.  Anita was wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and loving.  It was a fantastic weekend – I will be telling many people who I know that are going through the same thing about it.  Thank you. – John
  • Angel Care was an amazing, eye-opening experience for me and the others. Anita Domnitz is an excellent leader.  Thanks to all. – James

Bruce Krier Angel Golf Spectacular

  • “We are proud to support Angel On My Shoulder’s mission. Our sponsorship is very personal and we encourage anyone who is seeing to make an impact to get involved”.  – Ben Hauser, CPA-Northland CPAs, who has been involved with Angel On My Shoulder in volunteer capacity since its inception.


  • This donation is made in memory of Kenneth who passed away in May of 1967 at the age of twenty one.  His wife was pregnant at the time of his passing. In August of that year, Todd (Kenny’s son) was born and he would never know his dad. We wish that Todd would have had camps to attend like the ones offered through Angel On My Shoulder. He has spent his whole life trying to know more about his dad and what he was like. On the anniversary of Kenny’s passing, Todd did a 100 mile bike ride in honor of his dad. He asked close family and friends to also do something to honor his dad’s passing. After much research, we decided to donate to Angel On My Shoulder for this purpose. Thank you for all you do. – Bill & Nancy (Uncle & Aunt of Todd)


  • Please accept this donation in memory of Cheri who passed away from cancer treatment complications. She was an oncology nurse for over 30 years and dedicated her life to helping those with cancer. While going through her belongings, we found Angel On My Shoulder items and feel she must have supported your work. It is with her generosity in mind that we donate in support of your organization.  – Betty and Kathy