General Volunteer

If you are interested in general volunteer positions, please sign up using our online registration. All of the following items would be general volunteer activities. There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and talents. Here are just a few areas where we could really use your help:

  • Coordinating efforts
  • Event Support
  • Sell Raffle Tickets
  • Provide Raffle Prizes
  • Photography
  • Establish a fundraiser for Angel On My Shoulder in your area
  • Grant writing
  • Providing auction items and in-kind donations for our various programs and events

Camp Counselors and Camp Volunteers

If you want to be a camp counselor or volunteer, please sign up using our online registration and specify which camp(s) you are interested in volunteering for. Camp Counselors must be 18 or older and pass an interview and background check. This includes for Winter and Summer Camp Angel.

Volunteers for Camp Hozhoni are asked to specify if they are interested in the summer or winter camp. Because they work with children, all volunteers 18 and older will be subject to a background check.

Camp Hozhoni

Camp Hozhoni is a weekend camp for children age 18 and younger who have or have had cancer, and their families. Camp Hozhoni brings families closer together and builds personal strength. We currently hold two camps annually: September and February. Volunteers (age 18 or over); must submit to a background check and interview. Volunteers have varied duties (set-up, assist campers, lead games and activities, etc.)

Entertainment/demonstrations/speakers (all types considered)

If you have questions about our programs or volunteer opportunities, please feel free to email us. We’d love to hear from you.

Camp Angel/Camp Teen Angel/Angel Adventures Extreme

Camp Angel – 2 camps (ages 7-14) 

Camp Hozoni – 2 Camps (families)

One-of-a-kind camps designed to address the needs of young people affected by cancer through loved ones (parent, sibling or grandparent) or who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one through cancer.

Counselors (age 18 or over):

Must submit to a background check and interview. Counselors interact and stay with campers throughout the camp, participate in games and activities, comfort and are responsible for the care and safety of campers.

Volunteers/varied duties:

Set-up, assist campers/counselors, bus chaperones, etc.


Assist campers; provide activity (i.e. snowmobile rides, winter fishing, water craft, boat rides and crafts).


All types considered, i.e.: magicians, comedians, musical, educational.