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Offering in-kind support for individuals and families living with or affected by cancer through granting special requests.

A Message from Lolly Rose and the AOMS Board of Directors

Lolly Rose



Angel On My Shoulder began in 1995, with our mission to make a positive and profound difference to those living with or affected by cancer through cancer support programs designed for this purpose. We celebrate Angel and are so proud of how it has grown throughout these twenty-five remarkable years of touching hearts in meaningful ways.

It has been a great honor to know that Angel On My Shoulder has become, and continues to be, a blessing to those we serve. Helping others and meeting the needs of those navigating the emotional and stressful world of cancer truly is, and always will be, a “Labor of Love” for each of us.

Through the years many changes have occurred. Each of our programs are continually monitored to ensure our mission continues with passion and compassion to improve the quality of life of those living with or affected by cancer. Every decision is made with thought and prayer to comply with life’s changes, challenges and circumstances.

As we all know too well, the world has experienced dramatic changes. It is so hard to comprehend the uncertainty of how our lives have changed and continue to change. The reality of being prepared and ready for our “new normal” faces us all.

For many months and even pre-Pandemic, our Board of Directors had been focusing on how to effectively move future forward after 25 phenomenal years in the most impactful ways to support those living with or affected by cancer. For many reasons and all considered, we have decided that now was the best and right time to modify Angel’s programs. The decisions to transition and reset Angel On My Shoulder were truly made with in-depth consideration, faith, hope and compassionate hearts.

Angel On My Shoulder proudly announces our newly expanded and re-designed ANGEL WINGS program to be implemented in 2021. Angel Wings is designed to support personal Special Requests from individuals and families on their cancer journeys embracing their needs in uplifting ways to bring them light, peace and hope.

Angel Wings is also designed to grant Special Requests to groups and organizations that provide support to the cancer-affected community.

With this plan for the future, we have come full circle to where Angel On My Shoulder began, helping others on their journeys to find an easier path, one surrounded by others who are there with them and for them. This spirit of giving and caring will guide us going strong into the future.

As we begin the new year in 2021, Angel Wings will be implemented at a whole new level as the sole focus of Angel On My Shoulder. Our other program offerings will be retired: Camp Angel (summer and winter), Camp Hozhoni (summer and winter), Healing Angels and Uplifting Angels-kids.

Angel On My Shoulder gratefully acknowledges EACH AND EVERY ONE of our “above and beyond” volunteers who opened their hearts, time and schedules over these 25 years to be at our Angel programs and events to support those living with or affected by cancer . . . we THANK YOU all for your commitment, hard work and unparalleled dedication to helping others.

To all of our Angel friends and supporters . . . we extend our genuine and unending appreciation for your kindness, generosity and gracious giving in so many ways. We absolutely could not do it without you.

It will be an honor and privilege to continue Angel’s journey into 2021 and beyond!


Take Care and God Bless,

Lolly Rose, Founder/Executive Director
and the Angel On My Shoulder Board of Directors

Lolly Rose                 Mark O’Connell

Lisa Rose                   Andy Phillips

Mark Rose                Nancy Schuller

Molly Ahlborn        Chris Becker

Donna Stone           Anita Domnitz

Bill Trosien

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